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World of warcraft sex chat

The government charged her in a criminal complaint with enticement and transferring obscene materials.

Fifield met the boy last year while playing the popular war game.

According to the affidavit, the victim's My Space page identified her as a 16-year-old, and pictures linked to her page show a female who police said clearly appeared to be a minor.

In one message Faboo sent the girl through their My Space accounts, he urged her to seek legal emancipation from her father.

The back of the truck had been outfitted with a makeshift bed. Over several weeks, the two formed "a love bond," according to Faboo's roommate, and would sometimes stay up through the night playing the online game and communicating via IM, e-mail, and their My Space accounts.

Faboo told the roommate that he planned to marry the girl in the fantasy game and in real life.

Faboo's roommate told police that he sometimes played the game online with Faboo and the victim, and that the victim's 11-year-old female cousin also played online with them. When the roommate expressed concern that Faboo's relationship with the victim could get him into trouble, Faboo told him he didn't mind going back to jail.

Miss Taylor said she now has a new man in her life, whom she met while playing the internet fantasy role-playing game World Of Warcraft.

After the teenager got into his truck, Faboo headed back to Oregon on a five-hour road trip for the purpose, police say, of having sex with her.

Police caught up with the two on an Oregon highway only after the girl sent text messages from her cellphone to a friend telling him she'd made the mistake of getting into a car with the wrong man.

For more than three hours, she communicated with the friend, telling him her abductor's last name and revealing that they were driving through a snowy part of Oregon.

Police were able to spot them only after obtaining a license number for the vehicle through Department of Motor Vehicle records and patrolling the Oregon highways.

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