Updating nvidia network access management tool

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Updating nvidia network access management tool

As well as being able to use their own devices, wireless infrastructure means freedom to move around the office, from desk to desk or meeting room to meeting room.A wireless network is also neater, getting rid of all those unsightly cables that usually run around an office.This means elements such as authentication, intrusion detection, prevention, reporting and security event management (SEM) must be included in the security set-up of a wireless infrastructure.It is also worth pointing out more simple measures – such as changing the default SSID and password to a more secure one – can be very effective.But while enabling workers to use their own devices at work, connect up with the corporate network and move around the building brings obvious productivity benefits, it also causes huge headaches for the IT department from a security point of view.The threat of malware getting onto the corporate network through a compromised device is one particular issue.While this has obvious security benefits of keeping unauthorised visitors out of your network, it also means your network will not be overloaded with non-business critical traffic.

All that critical corporate data is now flying across the airwaves, and if your wireless network is not secured to the same extent as your wired infrastructure, it could very easily end up in the wrong hands.Cisco, for example, recently unveiled its Unified Access platform, which brings together wired and wireless connections in one switch.The 5760 Unified Access WLAN controller enables wireless connections to be managed on top of existing wired infrastructure.It is easy enough to see why enterprises want to remain wired – control and security, reliability and speed are the primary benefits of using physical connections.It is also relatively cost-effective, as the price of cabling – even at the lengths needed to cover an average office – is pretty cheap.

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The world around us is going wireless; we stream music and movies from our home PCs to any room in the house, we can play music from our phones on car stereos and we can go to any number of public places and hook up to the internet.