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The new rules on message groups have delivered a rare setback for We Chat, which permeates the daily life of 963 million users and underpins Shenzhen-based Tencent Holdings’s US0 billion market valuation.We Chat users censoring content amid China crackdown on social media The crackdown has converged with a tightening on digital currencies as China declared ICOs illegal, dampened cryptocurrency trading and is said to be considering a ban on domestic bitcoin exchanges.Tencent spokeswoman Jane Yip did not respond to Bloomberg’s request for comment.The crackdown on bitcoin has seen BTCChina, Shanghai’s largest exchange, say it would halt trading by the end of September.Operating a chat application in China requires following laws and regulations on content control and monitoring.Accordingly, the popularity of We Chat has also been met with suspicions of surveillance and media reports of censorship.

Cryptocurrency groups on We Chat have been quick to disband and subsequently mushroomed overnight on Telegram.Despite these concerns, there is limited technical research into the operation and scale of content monitoring and filtering.In this report, we provide the first systematic analysis of keyword censorship and URL filtering on We Chat to determine how the app filters content and the type of content that is blocked.“It’s partially due to fears of bitcoin oversight, but I think it has more to do with the new rules on We Chat,” said Jake Smith, general manager at, who manages a 500-person English language group on We Chat.Smith, a US national, said he has been asked by another Chinese group owner whether he could replace the person as administrator, due to the belief that foreigners are exempt from the new regulations.

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Differentiating content access based on user registration seemingly creates a “one app, two systems” model of censorship. When you send a message it passes through a remote server that contains rules for implementing censorship.

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