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Niko seemed determined to blend into the sidewalk at every opportunity.

Even when he worked up the bank to get a suit he looked like a boozed up uncle at the family Christmas party.

At the opening of the game Niko Bellic is just off the boat from Eastern Europe and his outfit is as expected.

Once you find yourself in a clothing shop, eager to switch things up, you find yourself choosing from a range of grey and beige coloured cargo pants or sweat pants.

It includes a couple of fun options as well, such as the iconic yellow jumpsuit worn by Bruce Lee.#9 – Collectables That Serve a Purpose Everyone loves a game with collectable items, and the sandbox game design is perfectly suited to them…but sometimes they serve no purpose whatsoever other than fulfilling a basic compulsion to reach 100% completion. #8 – Characters Niko Bellic may be well known and occasionally expressed an emotion but he was a boring git.

It’s impossible to become invested in his story since he’s seeking revenge against a person we’re only told about for something that Niko explains, but is never shown or experienced by the player.

A simple parkour mechanic can turn such frustrations into extra fun, and the ability to slide of the hoods of cars will never get old. With plenty of type scenes of our hero debated his conflicted role in the world makes for much more engaging gaming.#3 – Mini-Games That Fit into the Game Mini-games can really be classed as an optional extra that the player can take on.

by giving the player a large range of clothing options that are both colourful and interesting.

They look like clothing a person might actually want to wear.

This leaves the audience disconnected and unsympathetic towards the final goal of the game, instead becoming more invested in the new rivalries that develop along the way.

but they more than make up for it in over-the-top personalities.

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launched and in spite of being a fan of the series it completely passed me by.

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