Older men dating women 20 years younger were reese and ryan dating during cruel intentions

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Older men dating women 20 years younger

Whether they will be flattered or disgusted by the term is another matter, though.Quite what constitutes a cougar is the matter of much debate.After one of their first dates, her son pulled Graeme aside and asked what his intentions were.Still, she believes that a 26-year-old boyfriend is "just about right" for a woman of her age and position.But is this film really reflecting a genuine social trend? It's no longer just the likes of Demi Moore, Madonna and Joan Collins who are proud to say they prefer dating younger men.A study by online dating service uk recently revealed that 280,000 British women over 45 are keen to date a younger man, a leap of 20 per cent in a year.Fellow divorcee Karin Bacardi-Fien, also 48, has already run the gauntlet of horrified children.

They flirted outrageously and she gave him her number.They go out to bars and enjoy themselves, and in certain obvious areas it works extremely well."It all started when I used to go to bars on the King's Road in Chelsea in London, and I noticed that I was always being chatted up by younger men. "I remember I was once asked out by a Swedish investment banker who was 30."Personally, I won't date anyone my own age or older, but many of my friends are much more fussy.My friend Carina, who is 46, only dates men who are under 30, and my friend Denise agrees.

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Specialist dating websites have sprung up to satisfy the new demand - but even those who post on them can't agree whether cougars are to be applauded or abhorred.

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