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Dirty and unkempt, she looked as if she hadn't washed for days.When I tried to wrap my arms around her and tell her how happy I was to see her, she pushed me away.

Although I know parents are advised that computers with internet access should be in a communal area of the home, it just wasn't feasible to line up their computers in the sitting room. They've always been sensible and well-behaved and there was no reason to believe either of them would be lured away by a stranger they met online.Worried sick, I rang the police and Samantha was recorded as missing when it emerged the South Wales address she'd given us did not exist. She was contacted by the police on her mobile and after a tense few days, she reported to a police station in Bristol with the internet boyfriend in tow.She'd been staying with him at the home he shares with his father in Bristol.It emerged he was not 16 as she'd claimed, but a 20-year-old unemployed man who had first messaged Samantha on Bebo just after she turned 15.Samantha insisted she was well, but wanted to stay with Paul and made hurtful allegations against that we were unfit parents, which delayed her return home for several more days.

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Yet, like millions of other parents, we felt it was all fairly innocuous when she signed up for her own web page on the social networking site Bebo which, like My Space and Facebook, is so much a part of modern teenage life.

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