Interracial dating in kentucky

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The shift toward free love, drug and rock music was immortalized in the 1969 Woodstock concert in upstate New York—and the motion picture that recorded it.

Instances of infidelity may not have increased so much, but specter of out-of-wedlock kids was reduced.

The Liverpool Four inspired long hair in boys and before long would share the swinging London look in fashion for girls (mini skirts, for instance).

They were “Mod.” And as these teens were heading off to college, something else was emerging: the drug culture.

In the 1970s, I went out with a couple of black girls. (I suspect there would have been more fuss if I had been seriously attracted to a Catholic, but this is not a piece about religious intolerance.

That will come another time.) In the mid-1970s, one of my close colleagues at The Courier-Journal, who was black, was married to a white woman.

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Remember, this was the era of “Mad Men,” and women were breaking out of their homebound routines to enter the job market.

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