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Dispatcher Dispatch(Dispatcher Servlet.java:875) at org.servlet. Dispatcher Service(Dispatcher Servlet.java:809) at org.servlet. Framework Servlet.process Request(Framework Servlet.java:571) at org.servlet. Framework Post(Framework Servlet.java:511) at javax. Http Servlet.service(Http Servlet.java:710) at javax. Http Servlet.service(Http Servlet.java:803) at org.apache. Application Filter Chain.internal Do Filter(Application Filter Chain.java:290) at org.apache.

Application Filter Filter(Application Filter Chain.java:206) at org.springframework.

Abstract Open Results(Abstract Batcher.java:382)]2008-08-29 ,488 DEBUG [http-8443-1] result row: Entity Key[com.cinerent.starticketmediacenter.server. Row(Loader.java:1173)]2008-08-29 ,488 DEBUG [http-8443-1] about to close Result Set (open Result Sets: 1, globally: 1) [org.

Reflective Method Invocation.proceed(Reflective Method Invocation.java:149) at org.springframework.security.intercept.method.aopalliance.

Abstract Open Prepared Statement(Abstract Batcher.java:366)]2008-08-29 ,550 DEBUG [http-8443-1] opening JDBC connection [org. Sub Before Completion(Sub Coordinator.java:1487) at org. Sub Coordinator.commit_one_phase(Sub Coordinator.java:416) at org. Transaction Impl.commit(Transaction Impl.java:239) at org. Current.commit(Current.java:488) at org.springframework. Jta Transaction Commit(Jta Transaction Manager.java:1028) at org.springframework.transaction.support.

Connection Connection(Connection Manager.java:421)]2008-08-29 ,550 DEBUG [http-8443-1] /* update com.cinerent.starticketmediacenter.server. Abstract Platform Transaction Manager.process Commit(Abstract Platform Transaction Manager.java:709) at org.springframework.transaction.support.

Even if I try to access the database with any other software (Toad, etc) these applications get blocked too! This is my spring configuration: @Repository("User DAO")@Transactional(propagation=Propagation.

If I don’t execute any operation that can produce a Mysql integrity exception, the application works just fine. SUPPORTS, read Only=true)public class User DAO implements IUser DAO { @Persistence Context(unit Name="local PU") private Entity Manager entity Manager; /** * Default DAO constructor.

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