Gentlement dating website

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Gentlement dating website

Perfect for close encounters as the performance is medium at best. for me this is a masterpiece BUT I know it does not like to everybody because the vanilla scent is very heavy on this aroma but I dont care, I still use it because I love it.

Opening: spicy, aromatic Dry-down: powdery, balsamic Feeling: sensual, alluring. This is a very good option for cold afternoons/nites.

Firstly, the bottle is one of the best looking bottles iv'e ever laid eyes on. The scent character is pretty inoffensive and quite edible. Recognizing the scent, this is what I smelled on a male car rental agent who booked me in once long ago. Wasn't so good I asked what it was, but a deep scent on first encounter.

To me this scent gives off an old industrial/gangster vibe. Interestingly, on the opening this now feels like original Joop Homme and Joop Homme Nightflight. I purchased a sample of this for my son, and I ended up using it for myself. The almond gives a beautiful kick, and the spices smell wonderfully warm. I absolutely love Pi and have been wearing it for many years.

Pi has good longevity (8 hours) and moderate to high sillage and projection.

At times, it smells a bit like cologne for babies in the same vein as Jaïpur Homme, but it is not as sweet or sickly as the perfume by Boucheron.

If you find an old batch number (pre 2010) go for it, the latest juices are weak and have nothing to do with the original formula. reminds me of being indoors with the family on a cold winter evening. one of the best designer vanilla based scents ever?

9/10 I first tried this perfume in 1998, just a few months after its release.I think Pi has the quality of making its wearer exude trustworthiness and comfort.In other words, I found that it compliments my personality and envelops me in a unique way. It lasts about 4-5 hours on skin, with relatively low projection; on clothes though, it stays longer and you might actually come home after 8-10 hours of work, and still feel the amazing clound around you. I had given this to my boyfriend for Christmas a couple years back but he very rarely used it as it was too powdery for his taste, so I use it myself every now and then instead :) To me this scent is a comforting vanilla powder with just a little bit of woods. It reminds me of hunkering down in the warm cozy blankets during a snow storm or something to that effect Applied a couple drops of my sample and let notes take shape.I still remember the astronaut campaign and the sticker samples that filled every men's magazine.Pi was an amazing perfume, a vanilla bomb with lots of plastic/synthetic vibe - in an awesome way - that reminded me the way that my sister's dolls used to smell.

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I instantly fell in love with it, I bought a full bottle and I enjoyed its huge longevity and silage. I got really sad some days ago when I tested this masterpiece again: the juice has gone a major reformulation, it is actually quite a new perfume, with little resemblance to the old one.