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I am the co-founder of a group for Lesbian and Bisexual women in Bangalore called WHa Q! I am waiting for someone who can feel things with me. , and I am also the host for a radio show about Indian lesbian, bi and transwomen called Lavender Life on Then get busy.dressed up pack everythin dat s needed for a day. A person who can desire to be with me forever in all good and bad times. I am happy with a person to sit for hours looking in her eyes, cuddling and feel things... and I have found it very hard to meet lesbians especially from India. So maybe we can create a group for Indian lesbians in US and can also have some meetup later on. I just heard that EP is going to shut down on 21st April. good part that i found out about real sexual orientation of mine and bad part that i never got any1 to... Since EP is closing, I would like to connect with desi guys or couples who could freely discuss adult oriented and open minded topics. even a bisexual girl will also be okay who must not be possessive and stubborn, someone who can live with me and enjoy life to its fullest, someone who is caring loving bold interesting innocent cute calm funny free minded friendly naughty open minded,loves movie and music... that my intention is not to hurt anyone but rather to see the facts and present them as they are. In the end I gave up on her mixed responses and cold demeanour. story of my life..realising in mid of my teens that i am a lesbian and go out for a hunt for girls. Have been here earlier and had some good interaction with people and friends taiyar ho kar sidra k ghar pohanch gaee.sidra kehney lagi k bhabi kahin gaee hoi hen chalo un k room men chlaen.wahan ja kar to sidra itin bechean thi k darwaza band kartey hi merey breast apney hath men ley kar dabaney shuru kar diya, orr men ne bhi apni aik ungli uss ki choot men de ka kam shuru kar diya ham donon apney kapdey utar chukey thay orr khoob sucking kar rahey thay men ney apni tangen sidra ki tanghon men phansai hoi thin orr choot se choot aik dosrey se ghisa rahey thay men to itney suroor men thi k kuch na pochen.achanak kamrey ka darwaza khula orr sidra ka bhai munawar kamrey men aa gaya hum donon ahcanak ussey deakh kar ghabra gaey hum log kapdey pehnney hi lagey thay k uss ne darwazey ki kundi laga di.

i didn't like it.i am far from home, in a different Indian state.alone finding a lesbian, i don't understand people way of loving each other here.will first see if they are from same caste or not... Then i thought dating a guy could probably put an end to this problem. I am a lesbian always have been who lives in the UK. I have always been very attracted by Indian girls despite my longest relationship being with a Irish and English women. I realize im a lesbian recently,,,none of my frnds families are aware of this..i searched on net then i come to know that in many countries lesbian relationships are legal and India its a sin.......i want to love a girl and be loved by her..any of you is... They probably think its a phase but its great to say it out loud. When i first met u i was like ' oh god, is she really mine? my heart beats faster then ever when u hold me, i hold...

Now, thanks to the internet and sites like mine stories4lesbians can find out our history. which is kinda sad for all of us on here, not that we were dependent on this site or something, but here we found lgbt indians or got the chance to know lesbian bisexuals girls from India, who would have thought this group will get above 400 members ? for 18-28yrs old lesbian/asexual/bisexual/straight girl for short term moc and there are other terms too.things will be planned out properly and there will be confidentiality.i have no problem with your orientation,thinking and you are interested,tell me about... Message me if you too are a bisexual/lesbian girl from Mumbai text me we can be friends and maybe more than friends too =) =) They're all scared for what the future holds for me and kinda hope and wish I'm a bi or something( I do too) but otherwise they were all cool with it. Especially when they wanted to get my profile over to a marriage broker. Once the word is out of the house that I am single and available, people would start nagging me. EP, I had never come across this website before, to add more, my intention was never to look for a soulmate... from London looking for MOC not necessarily immediately! My friends are kind, but they still have trouble taking my heartbreak just as seriously as theirs.

I don't know how you feel when you're bullied for something like since I think of our generation as fairly open but the other... that i was attracted to women..i only acknowledged it to myself just a few years friends in the meantime always suspected i'm gay due to the stereotype associated with girls who play jokes were as tedious then as they are now. Looking for a bisexual / lesbian girl who DOES want a family in future! Thanks Not on here often so drop me a email [email protected] craves for an honest girl. Why u stay eternal as the books say and the mouth... On most days, I just want to get out of this country.

start with my first love with my teacher when i studied 9th is my first love at the age i dont know what was that something make me feel.. I'm new here, I'm a 23 yr old multi-racial female on a journey to finally explore these beautiful feelings I have for females. And now we have been together for 1 year and 2 months. Maybe it is the idealist in me, but I need to say it.

I am really happy with she also love me....i identify it with some reaction of her on me,but due to some family presure she get... If there was a way to reach each and every user of this group, I would have done that.. I was able to create a fb secret group, as privacy seems to the most important thing on EP... I was in hostel, I had a room mate I love her so much.. I am not yet out to family/friends and I am pretty anxious and pensive about it. I see a few MOC proposals here-- very tempting to go ahead and hide right back in closet and put on an elaborate show to fool... i never thought it would be this amazing to be with u.

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aik din pics deakhtey hoey achanak uss ne apna hathm meri tangon per rakh diya orr aahishta aahista aagey peechey phertey ohey meri tangon k darmiyan takk pohanch pehley usey hatana chahti thi iss kamm se but phie wo itna maza aa raha tha k kuch na puchen uss ney shalwar k under hi se meri chut k under ungli deni chahi magar kapda beech men aa raha tha .

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