Dating a thai lady

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Dating a thai lady

He asked me to please leave his girlfriend alone, and that he loved her very much.

He looked like an emotional train wreck, but very polite.

Line instant messages is a way of life in Thailand.

Unless a date is your mother’s age, she has a Line account, and she uses it a lot. If she doesn’t have a Line account, it’s only because she can’t decide to tell you that she actually has two.

Halloween was also rapidly approaching, so I invited her and her sister out.

Yet I found it odd that she would check-in for the first time on Facebook in the two years I’d known her. An hour later, she went to the bathroom and left her cell phone on the table in front of me.

She must have had one too many glasses to drink, because she left her phone face up, showing her real Facebook account.

When I asked her about it, she immediately denied having another account, despite my seeing it just minutes before. At the time I was willing to let it slide, and we still saw each other, but the seeds of doubt had been sowed.

So shocked was she by the fact he even showed up at my front door, that she confessed to having another Facebook account.

Step onto the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok and you’ll know what I am talking about. Tons of them take selfies and post them on there, or constantly chat.

In the case of my terrible Thai dating experience, my girl lived for the almighty selfie and for Facebook.

This post is not a bitch session, nor am I writing it to degrade good women in Thailand.

Despite this, however, things went South very quickly.

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Her explanation did little to assuage me, and the relationship soon ended. One even mentioned she had a secondary Line account, which I found.

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