Dating a cheapskate

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It seems both deeply gratifying and very unexpected.

I paid for my portion of the meal, right between when Catfish With a Handlebar told me that he thought it was gross that I didn't work in college and that I'm part of the reason Philly is so flashy and expensive. After dinner Scuttlefish with a Blondie Beard decided he didn't want to leave yet because he had paid for the PARKING METER.

Our mothers and we went to the restaurant, I told him about on the phone, he asked me about the price range, and I gave him very accurate information.

We got to the restaurant and I had to open my own door.

I understand not everyone has the financial freedom they want. However, there is a large difference between not being able to treat a lady the way you would like, and being a cheapskate. I mean no, nothing on Real Housewives is intentionally ironic, which is the irony of the nonirony of the situation.

I sucked it up and suggested we order a few items on the menu to share.

Back in the early eighties, when I was a freshman in college, I went out with a few guys.

I dated some guys that were true gentlemen, a credit to their sex, these were the men, who still practiced chivalry, and paid for the date, and really made sure everything was first rate.

I remember a few dates that really stood out in my mind as rather memorable. Cheap, was when I was going out with a friend and we went to a dance hall. Surprise, surprise I bought some popcorn, and thank God, I brought some money, because I had to pay for my own popcorn. I then thought “hang out, no movies, or dinner, we were just going to hang out.” I told him, “I thought this was our first date and that things would be different.” He told me that he thought of us as just friends, and he wanted to hang out with me, just like one of the guys. I can’t believe, I wore my best outfit for this joker.” I decided I had enough. I have never been treated like one of the guys, and I wasn’t going to start now.” I also told him he was someone else on the phone. So if you get lots of complements from a stranger, don’t expect a great date to be part of the deal. We were all going to Westwood for lunch, and it was a long, hot ride all the way from the San Fernando Valley.

Not because these men did anything out of the ordinary, but because these men were competing for the Mr. At the dance hall, I met another guy, who seemed quite the charmer, and he asked me for my number. This guy had a golden tongue; he would make you feel like you were God’s gift to the male sex. I was beginning not to feel like Cleopatra, anymore. We went home, I remember telling him I never wanted to see him again, and that was the end of that miserable date. I already had a bad feeling about this date, but being the optimist that I was, I wanted to give this guy a chance. In Westwood, it doesn’t matter where you park, you have to pay.

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I briefly pondered gouging out my eyes or maybe impaling myself, but they were out of arms-reach. "I'm testy when I'm sober." Now every time I go to Continental, I order the (cheap)skate.